Hi, I’m Beau. I earned a combined BA/MA in Comparative History from Brandeis University, writing my dissertation on the evolution of strategy during World War I.

In my free time I write longform narrative essays about historical events, sports, and adventures, often incorporating my own personal experience into them. Soon, I’d like to pair them with podcasts and interviews.

I’m also working on shorter essays about a wide range of topics including mental health, spirituality, books, and the impact of technology on our lives.

Latest stories

Vendee Globe II: The Atlantic

Of all the historic capes in this race, Finisterre is definitely the least well known. Located on the northwestern end of the Iberian peninsula, it is a beautiful rocky outcropping that juts out dramatically into the Atlantic Ocean. Overseen by a 53 foot high white lighthouse and an accompanying two story house built in 1853, the name Finisterre is a derivative of Latin meaning “the end of the...

Vendee Globe I: The Race Around the World Begins

In November of 2020, thousands of die-hard fans and reporters should have been making their way to the small seaside town of Les Sables D’Olonne, but with a nationwide COVID lockdown in place, the quadrennial pilgrimage is far smaller than usual. The town itself is quintessentially French, with red roofed homes packed on top of one another resting on a small spit of land sandwiched between...

Vendee Globe: Prologue

The Vendee is like being trapped in a room with a tiger for three months and trying to survive... the good news is sometimes the tiger sleeps”